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Academic Credentials

Having performed consistently well in Science and Math throughout his studies, Physics Tutor Mr. Loh is fully equipped to teach concepts and problem-solving using well-reasoned logic for Singapore O Level Physics. Thus, many students have tremendous improvement in their physics results after joining his physics tuition.

NUS Degree

Physics Tutor's NUS Degree (Physics Tuition)

B.Sc (Comp. & Info. Sc.) – awarded by the National University of Singapore in 1996

A for A-Level Physics

Physics Tutor's A Level Result (Physics Tuition)

Mr. Loh was awarded A for Singapore A Level Physics, awarded Merit for Singapore A Level Physics Special Paper (superseded by H3 since then).

Physics Olympiad

Physics Tutor's JC Participation Record (Physics Tuition Singapore)

Mr. Loh represented JC for Singapore Physics Olympiad.

A1 for O-Level Physics

Physics tutor's O Level Result (O Level Physics Tuition)

Mr. Loh was awarded A1 for Singapore O Level Physics

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