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A block of wood of mass 2.0 kg is resting on a rough, horizontal surface as shown. If F and f represents the applied force and friction respectively, find the value of F and f in order to produce an acceleration of 2.0 m/s(square).

Force and Friction


F f
A 10 6
B 6 10
C 10 8
D 10 9

What is the Physics concept that relates forces with acceleration?
Resultant Force = Mass x Acceleration

Applying Resultant Force =  mass x acceleration 

= 2 kg x 2.0 ms-2

= 4.0 N


What is the Physics concept that relates actual forces with resultant force?
Resultant Force is the vector sum of all actual forces

Resultant = F – f

 4N = F – f 



A. F = 10 and f = 6


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