A Level H2 Physics
Lesson Structure and
Lesson Notes

Lesson Structure

We provide quality lesson notes and worksheets. Lesson notes are personally written by the tutor and refined over the years. They are concise and present the required concepts clearly. The questions in the worksheets are culled from many sources. Only quality questions are chosen. They are carefully arranged to challenge students progressively. Lesson notes and worksheet for A Level Physics Tuition are designed to follow closely the A Level Physics syllabus.

Normally, each lesson will run through the following:-


Presentation of Concepts (est. 15 - 20 mins)

At the start of each session, the tutor will give out lesson notes and present the concepts for the new lesson topic to the class. 


Practice and Q&A (est. 80 - 100 mins)

The tutor will check on students’ homework which they are encourage to complete before coming for class. At the same time, students are given the worksheet for new topic to complete. The tutor will check on each student’s understanding, answering their questions and checking their answers. As the class size is capped at max 4, there will be more time for the tutor to attend to each student.


Class level review on worksheet (est. 10 mins - 15 mins)

For some challenging questions, the tutor will review them as a class.



Typically there will be 30 minutes worth of homework given.

Sample Lesson Notes

Click on each image below to have a sneak peek of sample lesson notes for A Level / JC H2 Physics Tuition by Mr Kenneth Loh.
Sample JC Lesson notes (Thermodynamics) page 1-2
Sample JC lesson notes (Thermodynamics) page 3-4
Sample JC lesson notes (Thermodynamics) page 5-6
Sample JC lesson notes (Thermodynamics) page 7
Sample Lesson Notes Page1

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