Lesson Structure and Lesson Notes

Lesson Structure

We provide quality lesson notes and worksheets. Lesson notes are personally written by the tutor and refined over the years. They are concise and present the required concepts clearly. The questions in the worksheets are culled from many sources. Only quality questions are chosen. They are carefully arranged to challenge students progressively.

Normally, each lesson will run through the following:-


Review on Worksheet

At the start of each session, the tutor will review with the class the practice questions that the class had not manage to complete the last week.


Lesson Presentation

Next, the tutor will present the session’s lesson topic to the class. Students would have been given the lesson note.

Practice and Q&A

While students attempt the worksheet questions, the tutor will go down to each student to answers any question and check each student’s understanding.

Review of worksheet

The tutor will review some questions individually with students. For other questions, the tutor will review with the whole class.

Sample Lesson Notes

Click on each image below to have a sneak peek of sample lesson notes for Physics Tuition by Mr Kenneth Loh.

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