Should my child go for Group or One-to-one Physics tuition?

by | Aug 3, 2019

Group Vs Private Physics Tuition
If you have decided to let your child join a Physics tuition, your next dilemma will most likely be whether to let your child join a group or private physics tuition. The better option will very much depend on your child because each kind of physics tuition has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
Here are some points to consider:

1. Group tuition is perfect for students who are quick learners and able to focus in a class setting.

2. Group tuition is suitable for students who are more motivated to study or do better in a group with healthy peer competition.

3. In group tuition, questions raised by other students can be an additional source of learning for your child. If a student has no question, it doesn’t mean that he/she already knows everything. It could just be that a particular aspect of the topic has yet to cross his/her mind.

4. Group tuition is similar to a typical classroom environment except that there are lesser number of students within a class. Therefore, there is not much of an adjustment for your child, especially for those who are receiving tuition for the first time.

5. Compared to group tuition, private tuition is more suitable for students who feel more comfortable learning at their own speed and without the need to compete with others. For example, if the student find that he/she has extraordinary grasping power and able to do questions very fast, private tuition may be better to save time and he/she may be able to learn more within a short time; if the student is more detailed and prefer to learn at a slower pace, private tuition may be better because the tutor will allow them more time to think it through and he/she will be able to learn more.

6. Some students are very shy to ask questions in the presence of peers even when they have pressing questions. With one-to-one tuition, the child feels free to ask the tutor questions without having to worry whether peers will judge them. With encouragement and praises from the tutor, the child will develop and improve self-confidence towards the subject.

7. Compared to group tuition with specific topic sequence and pace, private physics tuition is customised to a child’s needs. The tutor often plans according to the student’s needs to catch up, revise or even cover slightly ahead of school. For example, if your child is struggling with certain topics, the private tutor will be able to simplify the required topics. This ensures that the child grasps even the most difficult concepts effectively. Usually, it is hard to achieve this in group setting especially when there are too many students in the class and the child is already falling too behind.

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