Why Do Some Students Find Physics Difficult?

by | May 4, 2019

Why Physics Difficult
When it comes to year 3 in secondary school, the Science subject which students are familiar with in Year 1 and 2 will split into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If they are taking up Pure Physics, Pure Chemistry and/or Pure Biology, they will then explore deeper into each of these areas of Science. Many students find Physics difficult when they did not do well in Physics exam. The surprising thing is they do well in other subjects. What is the possible cause then? 1. Use the same learning and application method like other subjects When they try to solve Physics problem like how they do for other subjects. Physics is not like other subjects where one type of learning or thought process works. Depending on the problem at hand, different approaches may be applicable when it comes to Physics. 2. Too much memorisation Physics is a subject that really requires understanding. Memorisation especially will not help students to do well in Physics. Students will need to master the basic concepts well first before they can handle difficult Physics problems. 3. Cannot relate to Physics Many students find Physics irrelevant. They do not know how Physics is part of our life and thus tune off when it comes to Physics classes. However, this is not true. Learning about physics is more than just the stars in the space but it helps us to understand the laws that govern our physical world. This is because Physics is part of our life. For example, MRT, bus and car rides from one place to another involves friction, motion, forces which you learn in Physics. Physics also play an important part in the technology of computers, printers, photocopiers, tablets and mobile phone that we are using. These students can also get help early by finding the right and good Physics tuition. A good Physics tuition by experienced Physics tutor will help students to get a fresh perspective on Physics. It will help students to understand the basic Physics concepts better, relate them to the surrounding and thus do better in Physics exams.
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