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O Level Physics Question Guide

Here are some sample Physics Questions for O Levels. If you like the questions guide provided and would like to have more variety of questions, join our physics tuition for more.

Question Guide – Pressure

A fork tube contains air in one branch and a vacuum in the other. What is the pressure of the enclosed air? The pressure at height k in the right column, P-right-k, will be equal to the …

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Question Guide – DC Circuit

A resistor of resistance 2.0 Ω is connected across a series of cells of e.m.f. 9.0 V by wires of negligible resistance. A current 4.0 A passes through the resistor. Calculate…

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Question Guide – Turning Effect of Forces

The figure shows a light rod with two weights hanging from it. The rod is pivoted at its centre and the system is not in equilibrium. What is the moment required to bring the system into equilibrium? What is the Physics concept that …

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Question Guide – Forces

A block of wood of mass 2.0 kg is resting on a rough, horizontal surface as shown. If F and f represents the applied force and friction respectively, find the value of F and f in order to produce an acceleration of …What is the Physics concept that relates to Resultant Forces?

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