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It is undeniable that there is a drastic jump from Sec 2 to Sec 3 as some students start to worry about their Physics grades in the beginning of Sec 3 or Year 3. Topics in Sec 3 Physics and IP Year 3 are much more difficult than those in lower secondary. Students entering secondary 3 and IP year 3 may get overwhelmed with unfamiliar terms such as transverse waves, specific heat capacity, rarefactions, and so on. The contents are much deeper into concepts, with many requiring a strong foundation and a firm grasp of mathematical formulas, especially for Pure Physics students. Some students may lose hope when their Physics grades are bad in comparison with other subjects. They may lose confidence and feel lost in Physics lessons.

Rote learning may help students to get good grades in primary school and lower secondary. However, this will not be the case when it comes to upper secondary especially with the subject Physics. Memorising the formulas and definitions will not get students far in learning Physics. Physics requires students to understand and grasp the concept instead of rote learning or mere memorizing. In fact, memorizing is just one of the reasons why some students find Physics difficult.

Physics will get exponentially harder over time. Therefore, students should seek help on Physics early. If you or your child has started to struggle in Physics during early Sec 3 or IP Year 3, we recommend starting Physics tuition as soon as possible, ideally before reaching Sec 4 or IP Year 4. It is even more important to do so if your child is taking O Level examination for physics in the upcoming year. The O Level physics tuition class will provide you or your child in understanding the key concepts and the exposure to variety to questions.

Specialist Physics tutor Mr Loh is known for his patient teaching and clear explanations that help students grasp concepts effectively. He does not just rattle from textbook. He brings Physics to life by giving real-life examples. He is an expert and experience tutor in teaching Physics!

Mr Loh is committed to help students to reach their maximum potential in the Physics subject. Many of them were doing poorly in tests and discouraged with their grades. But with proper guidance from Mr Loh, they started to understand the subject and regain their confidence. Some of the students even scored the highest in Physics in their Sec 3 class or in the whole level after joining his tuition class. Mr Loh not only has more than 10 years of tutoring Physics, he is very dedicated in ensuring that the students could learn and understand the Physics concepts. He also provides quality lesson notes and worksheets for the lesson that they attend as well. They can always refer to these lesson notes to get help for any study related query.

Typically, Sec 3 Physics tuition and IP Year 3 Physics tuition will cover the 60 to 70 percent of the following topics in O level Physics syllabus. The remaining of it will be covered during Sec 4 Physics tuition and IP Year 4 Physics tuition. 

I. Measurement

1. Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement

(Physical quantities, SI units, Prefixes, Scalars and vectors, Measurement of length and time)

II. Newtonian Mechanics

2. Kinematics

(Speed, velocity and acceleration, Graphical analysis of motion, Free-fall, Effect of air resistance)

3. Dynamics

(Balanced and unbalanced forces, Free-body diagram, Friction)

4. Mass, Weight and Density

(Mass and weight, Gravitational field and field strength, Density)

5. Turning Effect of Forces

(Moments, Centre of gravity, Stability)

6. Pressure

(Pressure, Pressure differences, Pressure measurement)

7. Energy, Work and Power

(Energy conversion and conservation, Work, Power)

III. Thermal Physics

8. Kinetic Model of Matter

(States of matter, Brownian motion, Kinetic model)

9. Transfer of Thermal Energy

(Conduction, Convection, Radiation)

10. Temperature

(Principles of thermometry)

11. Thermal Properties of Matter

(Internal energy, Specific heat capacity, Melting, boiling and evaporation, Specific latent heat)

IV. Waves

12. General Wave Properties

(Describing wave motion, Wave terms, Longitudinal and transverse waves)

13. Light

(Reflection of light, Refraction of light, Thin lenses)

14. Electromagnetic Spectrum

(Properties of electromagnetic waves, Applications of electromagnetic waves, Effects of electromagnetic waves on cells and tissue)

15. Sound

(Sound waves, Speed of sound, Echo Ultrasound)

V. Electricity and Magnetism

16. Static Electricity

(Laws of electrostatics, Principles of electrostatics, Electric field, Applications of electrostatics)

17. Current of Electricity

(Conventional current and electron flow, Electromotive force, Potential difference, Resistance)

18. D.C. Circuits

(Current and potential difference in circuits, Series and parallel circuits, Potential divider circuit, Thermistor and light-dependent resistor)

19. Practical Electricity

(Electric power and energy, Dangers of electricity, Safe use of electricity in the home)

20. Magnetism

(Laws of magnetism, Magnetic properties of matter, Magnetic field)

21. Electromagnetism

Magnetic effect of a current

(Applications of the magnetic effect of a current, Force on a current-carrying conductor, The d.c. motor)

22. Electromagnetic Induction

(Principles of electromagnetic induction, The a.c. generator, Use of cathode-ray oscilloscope, The transformer)


Why Mr Kenneth Loh?


Experienced Full Time Tutor

Mr Loh, the sole tutor and founder, has been tutoring Pure Physics fulltime since 2010. He teaches Pure Physics exclusively, giving Physics Tuition his undivided attention. He was awarded A1 for O Level Pure Physics, A for A Level H2 Physics, Merit for H3 Physics and represented JC for Singapore Physics Olympiad.


Good Students Results and Testimonials

Over 200 students benefited from Mr Kenneth Loh’s physics tuition and have their grades improved.


Quality Notes and Worksheets

Lesson notes are personally written by Mr Loh and refined over the years. They are concise and present the required concepts clearly.


Mr Loh explains complex concepts in ways that are easy to understand. He is also a very approachable tutor who did not hesitate to help with any question I had.

Joshua Tam (Maris Stella High School)


After I joined Mr Loh’s class, his patient guidance and continuous practices helped me to improve tremendously. His class has also sparked my interests in physics as I begin to realise that physics can be applied in our daily lives.

Sebastian (Tanjong Katong Secondary School)


Mr Loh takes the time to explain the concept for each question thoroughly with such great detail. He also motivates me to work hard for my O Levels.

Akmal Muhd (Pasir Ris Secondary School)

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