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From E8 to A1 for both Prelim and O Level

Score A in O Level Physics Is Possible with Physics Tuition
I’m very thankful to Mr Loh. At first I was extremely worried about Physics as I got E8 for Physics in my Sec 4 MYE. However, thanks to Mr Loh who patiently teaches me from basics, I was able to get A1 for both my Prelim and O Level. Mr Loh would answer all my questions even the silly ones! On the days before Prelim and before O Level, when I asked questions through text, he would answer and explain it to me in detail and if I don’t understand it, he would try to explain it again in a way that is easier for me to understand. Without Mr Loh guidance, I will not be able to get A1 for my Physics. Thank you so much Mr Loh!

From E8 to A1, Bukit Merah Secondary School

(Before Vanessa join physics tuition her grade was E8. She got A1 for O Level Physics.)
Other testimonials from students who attended 1-to-1 Physics tuition with Mr Loh:-
Mr Loh is a great physics tutor. He helped me clear up all my doubts for Physics and strengthen my grasp for key concepts. His explanation is very specific and easy to understand. Furthermore, he uses innovative teaching methods to simplify the problem. I have never felt shy to ask him questions and he is always willing to lend a helping hand. He also provides really reliable and effective material for his lessons.
Nicholas Lim

From C6 to A1, St Hilda's Secondary School

Physics tuition with Mr Loh really helped me understand physics concepts and how to apply them successfully. On gaining a deeper understanding of concepts, I went from hating physics to enjoying lessons. Mr Loh’s patient teachings have helped me gained confidence in attempting physics questions and mastering them. Mr Loh is a very patient and detailed teacher which enabled me to be not afraid to clear doubts when needed.

From E8 to A2, CHIJ Katong Convent

I was concerned about my Physics grade as I was on the verge of failing and I had trouble understanding the concepts well. However, Mr Loh was able to patiently explain them to me and also recap concepts that were taught in school. This way, I would not forget about the previous topics and would have constant practices. The extra worksheets also aided me in improving and identifying my areas of weakness. It was also great how he would teach according to what the school was teaching me so I would not get confused. I am very thankful for his dedication and patience in guiding me to improve on physics!

A2 for O Level Physics, St Hilda's Secondary School

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