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Gradually Able to Manage Physics Exam Questions With Ease

Physics Tuition Thank You Testimonial
I joined the Pure Physics home tuition in June 2014 after getting a constant fail in Physics since Secondary 3. In tuition, Mr Loh would go through the important concepts before letting me do my work. He would make sure I know how to answer the questions properly in scientific terms and in a systematic manner even if it’s an MCQ question. Most of the time, Mr Loh would stay longer just to make sure that I properly understand what’s being taught. It was after months of having home tuition classes with Mr Loh that I found myself gradually to be able to manage Physics questions with more ease and with that I finally got a C5 for my GCE O level Physics Exam.
Nur Syafiqah Mohamed Harris

From F9 to C5, Tanjong Katong Girls’ Secondary School

We would like to express our greatest appreciation and gratitude to Mr Loh who had taught our daughter, Nur Syafiqah Mohamed Harris from June – November 2014.  Under his excellent guidance, Nur Syafiqah had achieved a C5 grade for her GCE O level in 2014. Before having Mr Loh as our daughter’s tutor, she has been getting a F9 grade since Secondary 3.  As parents we are very proud of her and believe that Mr Loh had effectively spurred and nurtured our daughter’s interest in learning Physics. She is presently studying at Jurong Junior College.


We wish you all the best in your future endeavours in making your Learning4Keeps one of the best tuition service  in the neighbourhood.


Thank you, Mr Loh.  

Mr Mohamed Harris & Mdm Rosharyati

(Parents of Nur Syafiqah)

O Level Physics Tuition (LearningForKeeps) Letter from Syafiqah's Parents

Before, I felt physics was like a foreign object that I would never be able to master. But after several Physics tuition classes, I began to have the confidence to strive for success, which helped in my massive improvement. Mr. Loh is really a teacher that goes out of his way to help his students master this intense subject.


From F9 to B3, Greendale Secondary School

Physics tutor Mr Loh changed my perspective on Physics. He spends time to ensure that we understand the concepts rather than memorise the points, which is vital for learning Physics. Hence, I began to understand concepts more clearly rather than merely remembering them. Therefore, due to our combined efforts, I managed to improve my grades gradually and progress from E8 to A2.

Qi Han

From E8 to A2, Temasek Secondary School

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