His thorough explanation helps me understand

I got an A+ for physics at the end of Year 4. Mr Loh is very patient and professional. I managed to understand the basic concepts of the topics well through his thorough explanation. Thank you 🙂

Lee Jie En

A+ for IP Year 4 EOY Physics Exam, Duman High School (IP)

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Hi Mr Loh…we just got back our result slips and i got an A for physics! 🙂 Thanks for the constant guidance you have given us and patiently answering my questions whenever i was in doubt. I was able to clear my doubts just in time!

IP Physics Tuition (LearningForKeeps) KaiTeng

Tay Kai Teng

A for IP Year 4 EOY Physics Exam, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls (IP)

I have benefited a lot under Mr Loh’s lessons. His patience and willingness to answer queries has really helped me to understand concepts better. He explains concepts clearly and in a concise manner which makes it easier for me to grasp them quickly. This has greatly allowed me to do better in school and my grades have improved tremendously under his teaching. Before I joined Mr Loh’s Physics Tuition class, I did not understand how physics worked but after joining, I realised that it is easy to pick up and is actually not a hard subject. Thank you Mr Loh for your undying passion in teaching me.

Linus Ho

From C6 to A2 for O Level Physics, Victoria School

At Learning For Keeps, I am able to understand physics concepts from various perspectives and also put them into practice with the wide array of questions provided for me to try. Whenever I am in doubt, Mr Loh also never hesitates to answer my questions and this helps to reinforce my concepts better. The notes given are concise and are also filled with diagrams to help me visualise better.

Achieved A1 in Singapore O Level Physics, Catholic High School

Mr. Loh has helped me to strengthen my foundation in Physics by enabling me to grasp key concepts. The exposure to various types of questions has also helped me to apply these concepts to questions more easily. I have improved tremendously under his teaching.
Wong Xue Min

From C5 to A1 for O Level Physics, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls

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