His worksheets and notes gave the right drilling to master tough O Level concepts

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I thought A1s for Physics was only reserved for the naturally-talented, but Mr Loh proved that wrong. His worksheets and notes gave me the right drilling to master tough O Level concepts and topics, and he’s always willing to clarify any doubts I have. Thank you so much for your patience, Mr Loh!


A1 for O Level Physics, Nan Chiau High School

(Chloe joined physics tuition after S3 EYE and she got A1 for O Level Physics.)

Other testimonials from students who joined around same time:-

Mr Loh has been great at providing tution as preparation for the O levels examinations.His lesson plans are well paced and helps me keep up with school physics lessons.He has very concise notes that are easy to understand and support my learning.The best part of his lessons would be that during lessons he covers content after which he gives us relevant practice for the content covered.Although the lessons are group based,Mr Loh provides individual help and assistance when needed.


A2 for O Level Physics, Anderson Secondary School

Mr Loh provides students with many resources which better prepare them for exams. He explains concepts very clearly for students to grasp knowledge of the topics as he goes through notes. The questions in his worksheets offer an opportunity for students to think critically and apply the concepts they have learnt. I was exposed to an array of MCQ questions and am able to remember how to tackle most of the questions while improving my ability to provide appropriate keywords which make up the marks for the Structured questions. Even though Mr Loh continues teaching the syllabus, he never forgets to do revision for certain topics in between so that we do not forget the concepts for the older topics and continue to apply them. Moreover, he is ready to clarify doubts whenever we are struggling with certain topics. All in all, he provides countless resources, introduces tough physics questions for more critical thinking and explains physics concepts and answers clearly using neat and organised calculations, therefore better preparing for the O levels Examinations.


A1 for O Level Physics, St Andrew's Secondary School

Mr Loh is someone dedicated to imparting his knowledge to each and every student. He uses simple concepts to teach and makes Physics much easier to understand as compared to lessons in school. Mr Loh also provides curated notes that are concised and great for studying. On top of that, he constantly encourages & motivate us to work towards our goals. I very much appreciate his help rendered to me and other students. I definitely encourage everyone to sign up for learning for keeps!!

Narella Low

B3 for O Level Physics, St Margaret Secondary School

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