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Mr Loh Clear My Doubts and Strengthen My Concepts Grasp for Physics

Mr Loh is a great physics tutor. He helped me clear up all my doubts for Physics and strengthen my grasp for key concepts. His explanation is very specific and easy to understand. Furthermore, he uses innovative teaching methods to simplify the problem. I have never felt shy to ask him questions and he is always willing to lend a helping hand. He also provides really reliable and effective material for his lessons.
Nicholas Lim

From C6 to A1, St Hilda's Secondary School

(Nicholas’s physics exam result was C6 before joining home physics tuition by Mr Loh. His O Level physics result is A1.)

Other testimonials from students who has improved after understanding Physics concepts:-

I have benefited a lot under Mr Loh’s lessons. His patience and willingness to answer queries has really helped me to understand concepts better. He explains concepts clearly and in a concise manner which makes it easier for me to grasp them quickly. This has greatly allowed me to do better in school and my grades have improved tremendously under his teaching. Before I joined Mr Loh’s Physics Tuition class, I did not understand how physics worked but after joining, I realised that it is easy to pick up and is actually not a hard subject. Thank you Mr Loh for your undying passion in teaching me.

From C6 to A2, Victoria School

Physics tutor Mr Loh changed my perspective on Physics. He spends time to ensure that we understand the concepts rather than memorise the points, which is vital for learning Physics. Hence, I began to understand concepts more clearly rather than merely remembering them. Therefore, due to our combined efforts, I managed to improve my grades gradually and progress from E8 to A2.
Qi Han

From E8 to A2, Temasek Secondary School

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