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Patient Guidance and Continuous Practices Helped Me to Improve Tremendously

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Before joining Mr Loh’s Physics tuition lessons, I’ve never quite understood how physics work, the explanation before everything. After I joined his class, his patient guidance and continuous practices helped me to improve tremendously. His class has also sparked my interests in physics as I begin to realise that physics can be applied in our daily lives. Mr Loh is very kind and concerned and is willing to help out in our physics homework when we encounter certain problems. Not by giving us the answers, but by patiently guiding us and along the way, introduces some interesting questions to help us get a better understanding of the topic.

From C6 to A1, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

(Before Sebastian attended self-organised group physics tuition, his physics was C6. His O Level Physics result is A1.)
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When I began studying physics, my grade for every test would always be a mere pass or even a fail. However, after I began having tuition at Mr Loh’s Physics Tuition class, my grades started to improve from a C6 to an A2. Mr Loh is an extremely patient and flexible teacher and is determined in bringing a student to greater heights in physics. I managed to attain an A2 for Physics in the GCE O Level 2016. Thank you for helping me make this big improvement!

From C6 to A2, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Thanks Mr Loh for coaching and teaching me for Physics. Your advice, consultation and curriculum have helped me tremendously. I managed to get a B3 for Physics, with L1R5 of 11. My results would not have been possible without your help! Thank you!

O Level Physics Tuition (LearningForKeeps) David

David Lim

From D7 to B3, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Hi Mr Loh, just to inform you that Danish got A2 for his Physics. Thanks so much for your help.O Level Physics Tuition (LearningForKeeps) Danish

Parent of Danish

A2 for O Level Physics, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

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