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Understanding of Physics and Physics Grade improved drastically

Score A in O Level Physics Is Possible with Physics Tuition
At the start of Sec 3 I struggled with my Physics, struggling to grasp the ideas and making many conceptual mistakes. However, after signing up for physics tuition, my understanding of the subject increased vastly and my physics grade drastically improved. Without my physics tuition I doubt I would have done as well as I did during Os, I am truly thankful for Mr Loh’s guidance.
Connor Harbick

Achieved A1 in Singapore O Level Physics, St. Gabriel's Secondary School

Testimonials from other students who scored A1 for O Level Physics:
At Learning For Keeps, I am able to understand physics concepts from various perspectives and also put them into practice with the wide array of questions provided for me to try. Whenever I am in doubt, Mr Loh also never hesitates to answer my questions and this helps to reinforce my concepts better. The notes given are concise and are also filled with diagrams to help me visualise better.
Jovan Lim

Achieved A1 in Singapore O Level Physics, Catholic High School

Lessons taught by Mr Loh are well thought through with notes that are meticulously and carefully curated ensuring that students easily understand complicated concepts. Having class sizes of maximum 5 students also increases the attention students receive. Furthermore, it is common for students to stay back after lessons to clarify their doubts, showing the amount of commitment Mr Loh has towards his students.
Koh Chee Xuan

Achieved A1 in Singapore O Level Physics, Woodlands Secondary School

Mr Loh explains complex concepts in ways that are easy to understand. He is also a very approachable tutor who did not hesitate to help with any question I had. Before joining the class, I struggled to understand topics like kinematics. However, after attending classes, especially crash course sessions held during the holiday periods, I was finally able to understand it. Overall, I enjoyed the classes very much and it definitely helped improve my understanding of the subject, leading to my achieving an A1 for the O Levels! Thank you, Mr Loh!
Joshua Tam

Achieved A1 in Singapore O Level Physics, Maris Stella High School

Before joining Mr Loh’s Physics tuition lessons, I’ve never quite understood how physics work, the explanation before everything. After I joined his class, his patient guidance and continuous practices helped me to improve tremendously. His class has also sparked my interests in physics as I begin to realise that physics can be applied in our daily lives. Mr Loh is very kind and concerned and is willing to help out in our physics homework when we encounter certain problems. Not by giving us the answers, but by patiently guiding us and along the way, introduces some interesting questions to help us get a better understanding of the topic.

Achieved A1 for O level Physics, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

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