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Great tuition for O Levels physics exam preparation

O Level Physics Tuition Improved and Score A
Mr Loh has been great at providing tuition as preparation for the O levels examinations. His lesson plans are well paced and helps me keep up with school physics lessons. He has very concise notes that are easy to understand and support my learning. The best part of his lessons would be that during lessons he covers content after which he gives us relevant practice for the content covered. Although the lessons are group based, Mr Loh provides individual help and assistance when needed.

A2 for O Level Physics, Anderson Secondary School

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Mr Loh is a patient and meticulous teacher who has helped me understand many important concepts. His lessons are well-planned and digestible, and he always ensures that everyone understands his explanations. He pays attention to the needs of every student, and teaches them accordingly. Without him, I would have struggled a lot. I highly recommend his teaching, you will find yourself in good hands for physics.
Brandon Law

A2 for IP Y4 Physics EOY Exam, Catholic High School

I have benefited a lot under Mr Loh’s lessons. His patience and willingness to answer queries has really helped me to understand concepts better. He explains concepts clearly and in a concise manner which makes it easier for me to grasp them quickly. This has greatly allowed me to do better in school and my grades have improved tremendously under his teaching. Before I joined Mr Loh’s Physics Tuition class, I did not understand how physics worked but after joining, I realised that it is easy to pick up and is actually not a hard subject. Thank you Mr Loh for your undying passion in teaching me.

Linus Ho

From C6 to A2 for O Level Physics, Victoria School

Mr Loh is a very caring teacher, he cares about our performance and progress. He encouraged us to keep striving for improvement and always tell us to take one step at a time. Mr Loh has helped me to understand complicated concepts and never gives up on teaching me until i am clear of the concept. Mr Loh also provides the best answers for O levels examination questions as official answer are not provided, his answers are always reliable and trustable. Since joining his tuition, my grade improved from B3 to A1, though the jump is not as great as my other tuition friends, he helped me to be consistent in performing well for physics.

From B3 to A1, St Hilda's Secondary School

Mr Loh provides students with many resources which better prepare them for exams. He explains concepts very clearly for students to grasp knowledge of the topics as he goes through notes. The questions in his worksheets offer an opportunity for students to think critically and apply the concepts they have learnt. I was exposed to an array of MCQ questions and am able to remember how to tackle most of the questions while improving my ability to provide appropriate keywords which make up the marks for the Structured questions. Even though Mr Loh continues teaching the syllabus, he never forgets to do revision for certain topics in between so that we do not forget the concepts for the older topics and continue to apply them. Moreover, he is ready to clarify doubts whenever we are struggling with certain topics. All in all, he provides countless resources, introduces tough physics questions for more critical thinking and explains physics concepts and answers clearly using neat and organised calculations, therefore better preparing for the O levels Examinations.

Adesh Raja

From C5 to A1, St Andrew's Secondary School

Mr Loh explains complex concepts in ways that are easy to understand. He is also a very approachable tutor who did not hesitate to help with any question I had. Before joining the class, I struggled to understand topics like kinematics. However, after attending classes, especially crash course sessions held during the holiday periods, I was finally able to understand it. Overall, I enjoyed the classes very much and it definitely helped improve my understanding of the subject, leading to my achieving an A1 for the O Levels! Thank you, Mr Loh!

Joshua Tam

From C5 to A1, Maris Stella High School

At the start of Sec 3 I struggled with my Physics, struggling to grasp the ideas and making many conceptual mistakes. However, after signing up for physics tuition, my understanding of the subject increased vastly and my physics grade drastically improved. Without my physics tuition I doubt I would have done as well as I did during Os, I am truly thankful for Mr Loh’s guidance.
Connor Harbick

A1 for O Level Physics, St. Gabriel's Secondary School

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