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His lessons are well-planned and digestible

Mr Loh is a patient and meticulous teacher who has helped me understand many important concepts. His lessons are well-planned and digestible, and he always ensures that everyone understands his explanations. He pays attention to the needs of every student, and teaches them accordingly. Without him, I would have struggled a lot. I highly recommend his teaching, you will find yourself in good hands for physics.

Brandon Law

A2 for IP Year 4 EOY Physics Exam, Catholic HIgh

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At Learning For Keeps, I am able to understand physics concepts from various perspectives and also put them into practice with the wide array of questions provided for me to try. Whenever I am in doubt, Mr Loh also never hesitates to answer my questions and this helps to reinforce my concepts better. The notes given are concise and are also filled with diagrams to help me visualise better.

Jovan Lim

A1 for O Level Physics, Catholic High

I got an A+ for physics at the end of Year 4. Mr Loh is very patient and professional. I managed to understand the basic concepts of the topics well through his thorough explanation. Thank you 🙂

Lee Jie En

A+ for IP Year 4 EOY Physics Exam, Dunman High

I look forward to attend Mr Loh’s Physics tuition every week. Each time I stepped out of the class, not only had I been familiarised with all the different question types, but more importantly I would have a wider view of the world of physics. Seeing how physics can be applied all around us, helps me to now tackle questions or even practicals in a more fun way.

Reuel Toh

A2 for O Level Physics, Edgefield Secondary

Before, I felt physics was like a foreign object that I would never be able to master. But after several Physics tuition classes, I began to have the confidence to strive for success, which helped in my massive improvement. Mr. Loh is really a teacher that goes out of his way to help his students master this intense subject.

Daphne Chong

From F9 to B3 for O Level Physics, Greendale Secondary

Physics tuition with Mr Loh really helped me understand physics concepts and how to apply them successfully. On gaining a deeper understanding of concepts, I went from hating physics to enjoying lessons. Mr Loh’s patient teachings have helped me gained confidence in attempting physics questions and mastering them. Mr Loh is a very patient and detailed teacher which enabled me to be not afraid to clear doubts when needed


From E8 to A2 for O Level Physics, CHIJ Katong Convent

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