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Thank you for helping me make this big improvement

Score A in O Level Physics Is Possible with Physics Tuition
When I began studying physics, my grade for every test would always be a mere pass or even a fail. However, after I began having tuition at Mr Loh’s Physics Tuition class, my grades started to improve from a C6 to an A2. Mr Loh is an extremely patient and flexible teacher and is determined in bringing a student to greater heights in physics. I managed to attain an A2 for Physics in the GCE O Level 2016. Thank you for helping me make this big improvement!

From C6 to A2, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Testimonials from other students from schools in the East:

I would like to thank physics tutor Mr Loh for helping me to be able to understand and learn the physics concepts needed for the O Levels. He takes the time to explain the concept for each question thoroughly with such great detail. He also motivates me to work hard for my O Levels. Without him I wouldn’t have gotten an A2.
Akmal Muhd

From E8 to A2, Pasir Ris Secondary School

Mr Loh is a very caring teacher, he cares about our performance and progress. He encouraged us to keep striving for improvement and always tell us to take one step at a time. Mr Loh has helped me to understand complicated Physics concepts and never gives up on teaching me until i am clear of the concept. Mr Loh also provides the best answers for O levels examination questions as official answer are not provided, his answers are always reliable and trustable. Since joining his tuition, my grade improved from B3 to A1, though the jump is not as great as my other tuition friends, he helped me to be consistent in performing well for physics.
Xin Tian

A1 for O Level Physics, St. Hilda's Secondary School

Physics tuition with Mr Loh really helped me understand physics concepts and how to apply them successfully. On gaining a deeper understanding of concepts, I went from hating physics to enjoying lessons. Mr Loh’s patient teachings have helped me gained confidence in attempting physics questions and mastering them. Mr Loh is a very patient and detailed teacher which enabled me to be not afraid to clear doubts when needed.

From E8 to A2, CHIJ Katong Convent

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