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Thank you for your patience and guidance

Score A in O Level Physics Is Possible with Physics Tuition

Thank you Mr Loh for your patience and guidance. I appreciate it a lot and I would like to thank you for your teachings. It is a blessing to be your student. 

O Level Physics Tuition XunCi Testimonial

Xun Ci

Ngee Ann Secondary School

(Xun Ci joined group physics tuition and she got B3 for O Level Physics.)
Testimonials from other students who achieved B3 for O Level Physics:-
Mr Loh’s lessons are indeed helpful, especially when he does an introduction about each topic before learning in school. He is really patient even though sometimes I find myself asking the same questions repeatedly. Thank you for your help Mr Loh, I really do appreciate it!

From F9 to B3, St Hilda's Secondary School

(Glenda joined group physics tuition in early Sec 4 with F9 on Physics and she scored B3 for O Level Physics.)
Before, I felt physics was like a foreign object that I would never be able to master. But after several Physics tuition classes, I began to have the confidence to strive for success, which helped in my massive improvement. Mr. Loh is really a teacher that goes out of his way to help his students master this intense subject.
Daphne Chong

From F9 to B3, Greendale Secondary

Mr Loh always provide us with informative and constructive notes which helps us understand and grasp the concepts well. He always welcome questions outside of class and will never fail to explain them thoroughly. Physics has always been a really tough subject for me but his lessons made those concepts that were once difficult easy to understand. His immense dedication in ensuring that we have a fun and effective learning pushed me to achieve a result far from my imagination in the recent O Level Examination.
Angie Chin

From F9 to B3, Ngee Ann Secondary School

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