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Understand Physics Concept and Score A2 for O Level Physics

I would like to thank physics tutor Mr Loh for helping me to be able to understand and learn the physics concepts needed for the O Levels. He takes the time to explain the concept for each question thoroughly with such great detail. He also motivates me to work hard for my O Levels. Without him I wouldn’t have gotten an A2.

Akmal Muhd

From E8 to A2, Pasir Ris Secondary School

Testimonials from students from schools from same region:

Mr. Loh was a very patient teacher who made sure everyone understood the question or concept before moving on. He also personally approaches his students to clear specific doubts. Therefore, I was able to ask questions from my schoolwork, without disrupting the whole lessons. Mr. Loh also collates questions from top schools so that students are also trained to solve challenging questions. 

Shakthee Sivakumar

A1 for O Level Physics, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Mr Loh always provide us with informative and constructive notes which helps us understand and grasp the concepts well. He always welcome questions outside of class and will never fail to explain them thoroughly. Physics has always been a really tough subject for me but his lessons made those concepts that were once difficult easy to understand. His immense dedication in ensuring that we have a fun and effective learning pushed me to achieve a result far from my imagination in the recent O Level Examination.

Angie Chin

From F9 to B3, Ngee Ann Secondary School

I was concerned about my Physics grade as I was on the verge of failing and I had trouble understanding the concepts well. However, Mr Loh was able to patiently explain them to me and also recap concepts that were taught in school. This way, I would not forget about the previous topics and would have constant practices. The extra worksheets also aided me in improving and identifying my areas of weakness. It was also great how he would teach according to what the school was teaching me so I would not get confused. I am very thankful for his dedication and patience in guiding me to improve on physics!


A2 for O Level Physics, St Hilda's Secondary School

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