O Level Physics Tuition Students Testimonials

Here are the testimonials from students who have completed their O Level Physics Tuition with Learning For Keeps in the past years. These are their experiences on Physics Tuition by Physics Tutor Mr Loh.

From E8 to A1 for both Prelim and O Level

Vanessa (Bukit Merah Secondary School) A1 for O Level Physics “I’m very thankful to Mr Loh. At first I was extremely worried about physics as I got an E8 for physics in my secondary 4 MYE. However, thanks to Mr Loh who patiently teaches me from basics , i was able to get an A1 on both my prelim and O level….”

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Thank you for your patience and guidance

Xun Ci (Ngee Ann Secondary School) B3 for O Level Physics. “Thank you Mr Loh for your patience and guidance. I appreciate it a lot and I would like to thank you for your teachings. It is a blessing to be your student.”

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Thankful for Guiding Me to Improve on Physics

Nicole (St Hilda’s Secondary School) A2 for O Level Physics. “I was concerned about my Physics grade as I was on the verge of failing and I had trouble understanding the concepts well. However, Mr Loh was able to patiently explain them to me and also recap concepts that were taught in school…”

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Thank you for helping me make this big improvement

Reynold (Tanjong Katong Secondary School) A2 for O Level Physics “When I began studying physics, my grade for every test would always be a mere pass or even a fail. However, after I began having tuition at Mr Loh’s Physics Tuition class, my grades started to improve from…”

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His lessons are well thought through

Huang Yan Mou (Maris Stella High School) A2 for O Level Physics. “Mr Loh is a really great teacher. His lessons are well thought through. He always fall back to the basics in physics, which is vital in scoring for Physics in O Level, as most questions in O Level test our understanding. Mr Loh is also very hardworking…”

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My Grades Have Improved Tremendously Under His Teaching

Linus Ho (Victoria School) A2 for O Level Physics. “I have benefited a lot under Mr Loh’s lessons. His patience and willingness to answer queries has really helped me to understand concepts better. He explains concepts clearly and in a concise manner which makes it easier for me to grasp it quickly…”

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Got A2 for Physics. Thank you.

Danish (Tanjong Katong Secondary School) A2 for O Level Physics “Hi Mr Loh, just to inform you that Danish got A2 for his Physics…” (Danish has attended physics tuition from Nov 2014 to Oct 2015 for 2015 O Level Physics…

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Gradually Able to Manage Physics Exam Questions With Ease

Syafiqah (Tanjong Katong Girls’ School) Jump of 4 grades. “I joined the Pure Physics home tuition in June 2014 after getting a constant fail in Physics since Secondary 3. In tuition, Mr Loh would go through the important concepts before letting me do my work. He would make sure I know how to answer…”

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Understand Physics Concept and Score A2 for O Level Physics

Akmal Muhd (Pasir Ris Secondary School) A2 for O Level Physics “I would like to thank physics tutor Mr Loh for helping me to be able to understand and learn the physics concepts needed for the O Levels. He takes the time to explain the concept for each question thoroughly with such great detail…”

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Improved Tremendously under Mr Loh’s Teaching

Wong Xue Min (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls) A1 for O Level Physics. “Mr. Loh has helped me to strengthen my foundation in Physics by enabling me to grasp key concepts. The exposure to various types of questions has also helped me to apply these concepts to questions more easily…”

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Understand Physics Concepts and Improved from E8 to A2

Qi Han (Temasek Secondary School) A2 for O Level Physics “Physics tutor Mr Loh changed my perspective on Physics. He spends time to ensure that we understand the concepts rather than memorise the points, which is vital for learning Physics. Hence, I began to understand concepts more clearly rather than merely remembering…”

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